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My daughter, Makenzie, has been working with Julie for over a year now.  She worked with her as my daughter took Honors Algebra I over the summer and the experience was amazing! We were lucky to find Julie, and Makenzie said that she felt like she learned more with Julie in one summer than she learned during the entire semester of math that year! She is patient and kind and makes my daughter enjoy math again.  My daughter has decided to take Honors Algebra II over the summer so that she can work exclusively with Julie again.  Makenzie tells me all the time how grateful she is to have Julie as a tutor and how much she learns from her. She is very experienced with tutoring on an online platform, so much so that it adds to the experience that she provides to her students.  I can’t say enough good things about Julie.  She is accommodating, motivating, a fantastic tutor, and an overall wonderful person!

- Torri

I am a homeschool mom of a spectrum son who is extremely bright. We reached a stage where I needed a tutor for math and language arts. This tutor would not only need to understand the special concerns when teaching a spectrum child, but also understand that many of these kids like and want to be challenged. This tutor would also need to engage easily with my son. Julie was all of these things and more! Julie worked with my son several times a week and my son loved working with her. Julie is so knowledgeable and supported my son above and beyond what he needed for language arts and math. She is a math whiz and my son loved this about her. Julie is easy-going, very kind and respectful of her students, and is very thorough in her teaching. I highly recommend her for your tutoring needs and promise your child will learn and enjoy her as a teacher. 

- Kathylee

Our kids love working with Julie. She’s incredibly sweet, is an absolute whiz at math and most importantly, Julie knows how to take math concepts and break them down so they are easily digestible and understood. We have been working with Julie for years and our kids have been doing wonderfully in math. Knowing that they have Julie as a resource, even when the work becomes more challenging each year, has given both of our children the confidence to know that with good effort on their part, they can handle anything that is thrown at them. 

- Erin & Dan

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