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About Math by Julianna

Julianna is a math and science tutor with over 3,000 hours of tutoring experience. She began her tutoring career in 2016 at her college's Student Academic Support Center. Her dedication and passion for education earned her the Outstanding Tutor Award in 2018. After graduating summa cum laude with degrees in Biology and Mathematics, Julie launched her private tutoring business in 2020. Since then, she has been working nearly full-time to help her students achieve academic success in math and science. 


Currently, Julie is a Mathematics PhD student at Florida State University, where she specializes in Mathematical Biology. In addition to her studies, she has worked as a teaching assistant on campus for courses in college algebra,

pre-calculus, and calculus I. Julie's mission is to empower students to find joy in math and science, to promote clarity and understanding, and to encourage more students, especially women, to enter STEM fields. 

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Julie teaches pre-algebra, algebra I & II, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus. Her instruction focuses on problem-solving and an appreciation for real-world applications of math. Math is Julie's favorite subject to tutor and she hopes that through her lessons, her students see the subject for its beauty!



Julie also teaches science lessons that focus on biology, chemistry, and physics. In her lessons, Julie helps students with understanding material and completing lab assignments!

And more!

In addition to math and science, Julie has an appreciation for the humanities. She also has experience tutoring subjects such as language arts, literature, and Spanish I & II. She believes that it is important for her students to have a well-rounded education. 


Happy Students and Families




"Julie is a magnificent science tutor!  I am incredibly thankful for her tutoring my son in physics and chemistry. She is able to explain difficult concepts in a way he understands.  She sincerely wants her students to be successful and goes out of her way to support my son with extra sessions in preparation for tests. My son appreciates her good instruction and encouragement, and I appreciate her strong communication skills and dependability."

"You know when you no longer remember how to do the math your child is struggling with? We don’t deal with that anymore, Julie is our secret weapon!  She has given our children confidence in math, which is truly invaluable."

"I’ve worked with Julie for three school years now, and without her help, I would have been removed from the Honors math track a long time ago. We started working together when I was in Pre-Algebra, struggling to keep up with the rest of my class. Because of Julie, I am much more confident in my math skills today, and I have the tools to succeed in rigorous courses. Most importantly, she is really nice and a lot of fun to work with! I never dread having a session with Julie, because she can make the most boring or stressful math material engaging. She is an incredible tutor who will help you gain a better understanding of math!"

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“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” 

― Albert Einstein

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